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Holly and I last year in Boquete

Here’s a great story from our friend Holly down in Boquete. You’ll be hearing more about her and her husband Scott, whom we met on our last trip down and who are building a house in Boquete. We love Holly’s blogs about her experiences with the indigenous Panamanians she’s encountered, including the workers that are helping build their house. She has such a kind heart!


  1. Found this link in a new post…..a link to a source to get quotes for moving households to other countries…..
    Apparently from/to most any country. The link was from Retirement Living (will check the name). The author lives in Panama City, and does detailed, involved financial studies of Panama.

  2. Here is the link for Retirement Wave. If interested, can go there and add email to receive info when published….1 or 2 times a year.
    His most recent newsletter just came out a few days ago. Interesting man, with vast world wide experience in his field. Should be able to view past info and stories/reports.

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