Well, now. That was interesting. Definitely one of the more intense 48 hours we’ve ever experienced — and that includes anchor-dragging (ahem) in just a few lovely anchorages here and there, hitting a rock that wasn’t supposed to be there off Isla Parida in Panama, having our engine break down in the middle of a becalmed night off Costa Rica, putting diesel into our water tanks in El Salvador, and hitting wicked squalls off Key West on our final passage home. (But I digress – our cruising adventures are the stuff of another blog, coming soon!)  And speaking for both of us, every fiber of our being is intensely, satisfyingly exhausted.

img_3706 A quick update from our new land Moving to Panama Pets The Expat Life
You just never know who might pop out on the conveyor belt at Tocumen Airport!

So I’m sitting here in our little apartment in Boquete, Abuelo rum drink in my hand, and wondering what you lovely blog readers would like to hear about next. I’m plotting a real post soon, just need to catch my breath. In the meantime, here are a few highlights:
– Flying the girls on Copa was absolutely seamless and perfect. I can’t say enough about how professional, caring, and competent the Copa cargo people were.
– Next time we fly a red-eye we’ll at least try to get seats that recline!
– Jose and his wife, Luci, of Golden Frog, were absolutely wonderful. Luci handled the paperwork with the Panamanian authorities and they ferried us to our hotel in Panama City last night, and then drove us cross-country to Boquete today. Jose, you deserve all the rave reviews you’ve gotten and you’ll get one more from us.


  1. Welcome to Boquete. Knew Jose would take fine care of you, and was happy to refer as some others did too.
    We’re back in the U.S. For a bit, but will look forward to meeting you sometime here.

  2. I am happy to read another rave review about Golden Frog. Having done our exploratory trip to Panama last month, we will be getting ready for our move in 12-18 months. It brings great comfort knowing that our dog will be well taken care of when the final move happens. Thanks for the post!

    Laureen on the Oregon coast

    • iaglongbeach Reply

      So glad you and the girls made it safely! I can imagine you are “dragging” about now! Your house looks so lonely without you in it! Keep the posts coming, I enjoy reading them! Shannon

    • Hi Laureen, and welcome to our blog! Please keep us posted on your progress. Moving our dogs down here was the biggest stresser of the whole experience, but it actually was completely smooth. It’s all about planning, planning, planning. FYI, we moved down to southern California from Beaverton almost three years ago. We loved the six years we lived in Oregon. Whereabouts on the coast are you?

  3. So glad you made it. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures! 💛

  4. Bernadette Cooper Reply

    Great that your travels went so well. Enjoy a well deserved rest. Look forward to hearing your future escapades! Love to you both. B

    • Handy Andy Reply

      Hey John & Susan, it was great to catch up with you today. I may have found a vehicle for you. I’ll know more tomorrow. It’s a 2010 Hundai with 25,000 original miles. Getting the specs on it for you now. We’ll talk tomorrow – Handy Andy –

  5. Mary Lea (Mom) Reply

    So glad you and the girls made it safely and are beginning your life in that beautiful country! We’ll expect a lot of pictures!

  6. I’ll join the chorus of people saying they are glad to hear all four of you made it safely to your new home. That was quite a trip! Best wishes for settling in!

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