October 2015


Editor’s note: Since we posted this entry, Panama has begun enforcing its immigration and visa laws more tightly. Officially, it’s no longer feasible to do a “quick” border crossing in order to renew your visa. Rio Sereno and San Vito are still worth a visit, though! With another three months having flown by, we just completed our second border run to Rio Sereno on the Panama/Costa Rica border and then on to San Vito, CR for a weekend of R&R. For the absolutely gripping, edge-of-your-seat account of our first trip, check out our previous post here. We’ll let that one explain the whats and whys of this particular rite of passage for new Panamanian expats. This time, we knew what we were doing and where we were going. In Rio Sereno, we drove straight to the secure parking lot across from the Costa Rica police building and then walked the hundred paces to…

Let me set the stage here: the house we’re currently renting in the Volcancito Abajo area of Boquete is accessed by a single, bumpy gravel road that leads for about two city blocks to our front gate. For us and our next-door neighbor, it’s the only way in and out. The road is a right-of-way through a large parcel of land surrounding both our houses. Let me also explain that we are at the height of rainy season, when even in the best situations gravel roads tend to turn to muddy soup in places. Early last week, we heard a rumor that the owner of the surrounding property was planning on ripping up our little road to do some drainage/culvert work. Our neighbor heard about it from her gardener. We heard about it from our neighbor. It’s a little like that old game of gossip, when a rumor gets passed around – but this…

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