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This little guy is Tango. He’s a seven-year-old Cocker spaniel that needed a home, and we just happened to have a Cocker-spaniel-sized hole in our hearts. Last week, Tango joined our family and made us a foursome once again.
“But wait,” we canhear our friends thinking. “They swore they’d never get another dog after Maggie.” Famous last words.with-mom Four to Tango Pets The Expat Life

Tango came straight out of the blue. I was in Austin, Texas last week visiting my family when John sent me the photo above. “He’s sad and lonely and needs a home, and Rosie really needs a companion.” For about a day, all I could do was sob about the disloyalty to Maggie, and the idea that taking in another dog so soon would really make her death final (as if having her grave in our back yard doesn’t make it final enough). But I warmed up to the idea after to some gentle persuasion from my better half (and a steady stream of photos – who can resist that face?), and by the time I returned to Boquete Sunday I couldn’t wait to meet him.

Tango fits wonderfully into our lives. He’s a very mellow, well-behaved and affectionate boy who loves to chase balls and play with Rosie, and she’s eating it up. As I sat at my desk Sunday evening, Tango came in to check me out and let me pull him up into my lap. He relaxed instantly and snuggled his head on my shoulder, and I was struck with the feeling that he had always been there.

It’s as if Maggie was looking down on us and saying, “I don’t want you and Rosie to be sad anymore, Mom and Dad. I’m going to send you this sweet little chap to cheer you up.”

Thanks, Maggie girl.


  1. Pamela Wiseman Reply

    As tears roll down my cheeks, I know she is grateful! Maggie is proud that she succeeded.

  2. Beautiful dog. Don’t want another until I “settle” down in Panama. But I still do miss my Springer Spaniel……

  3. Janis Peac e Reply

    I am so happy for Tango, he has really found a GREAT family! I am also happy for you Susan and John that you now have another wonderful puppy to love.
    Have fun and keep the photos coming! love, Janis

  4. Becky Sieger Reply

    Appears as though Maggie made the perfect match from heaven! Happy for all of you!

  5. Oh, what a lovely post…first, congratulations on your adoption, Tango looks adorable and certainly the four of you are lucky to have each other! And I am sure Maggie will always be is amazing how every dog has their own personalities and that makes them unforgettable <3

  6. There is a special place in heaven for people who rescue dogs. I have a rescue myself, a 3 yr old GSD named Tyson. Which brings up an important question. How difficult is it to bring a dog from the US to Panama? Is there a place where I can find the required protocols? I read something about Mexico where they could quarantine your dog for up to six months. Unacceptable, obviously. My dog goes where I go so the level of difficulty in bringing my dog to a Central or South American country will be determinative for me.

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