By John

This morning we took the pups down to the river. There’s a great swimming hole on the Rio Caldera, about a 30-minute drive through some beautiful countryside past the quaint, tiny town of Caldera. We hadn’t been back there since our Christmas Eve expedition with The Boquete hiking group ( Thanks Jere ) and we wanted to see if Tango, or “The Professor” as I sometimes call him, is much of a swimmer.

At first Tango was a little nervous, and he got a bit spooked after having a tough time climbing up a steep river bank. So we coaxed him over to an easier spot, and before we knew it he was swimming and retrieving the dog throw toy like a champ! Rosie, of course, is part dog and part duck, so she and Tango had a great time swimming together.

Soon after we got there a local Panamanian family showed up and we chatted up one of the men, who spoke some English after spending some time in the U.S. He and his friends were doing some spear fishing, and surprisingly they caught several within the two hours we were there. All in all, a great peaceful morning. Next trip, we’ll pack a picnic and beer. Gotta have beer at the river, ya know?



  1. I enjoy following your adventures via your blog Susan. Thanks for sharing your insights and fun with us virtually. We love the outdoors and hope to spend a good deal of time snooping around the countryside this spring.

  2. Carrie Weiler Reply

    That looks great! We can’t wait…we will be in Boquete on Tuesday! Thank you for all of you blogs…it helped with our move tremendously! I hope to meet you soon! We are renting a home right near town, in the Panamonte Estates! Fingers crossed that the move goes well, with the dog!

    Carrie Weiler

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