WordPress for the iPad leaves a lot to be desired, especially when working with photos. I finally gave up with yesterday’s post, but today’s a new day. Here are a few more pics from the past four days. The last photo is the interior of the Teatro Solis, since WordPress refuses to publish my caption (grrr).

Colorful market on Calle Sarandi, the long pedestrian street
The talented female chef at our favorite restaurant, Jacinto. Note the yerba mate gourd and thermos to the left.
A couple of friends sharing a moment and yerba mate
At the Mercado Tristan Narvaja, a huge outdoor market held every Sunday. Note the dude in the background with his mate and thermos.
Love these doors – but have no idea what the ribbons are for.
At the Palacio Taranco, now the Museum of Decorative Arts. A nice place to spend a rainy afternoon.
John takes a shine to a beautiful tango dancer in the Palacio Taranco. She’s a little cold, though!
Monument detail honoring gauchos, Plaza Zabala
Valentin, our tour guide, told us the Italian designer of Plaza Zabala hired a local iron worker to create the fence – and then refused to pay him. In retaliation, the iron worker got a little creative with the fence design. Do you get it? Is it possible that Valentin was shining us on?
Museum honoring the 16 survivors of the terrible Andes plane crash in 1972. If you are as fascinated by that story as I am, this is a must. I had forgotten that the boys were from Uruguay.
One of Uruguay’s most famous landmarks, the Teatro Solis, completed in 1856.


  1. I have BlogPad Pro on my iPad and find it useful for some things. I also found that uploading photos to the Media Center and adding captions there is easier. It takes some creative workarounds to do things that are so easy on the computer. I appreciate your efforts though! Love seeing all the photos.

  2. Great post, and great technical info as well. We’re considering a new blog, making our travels the centerpiece, less about Panama specifically, so this is good to know.

    • Sorry I’m just now replying to this! Yes, that’s the transition we seem to be making with our blog now that we’re approaching a year and a half in Panama. After almost three weeks traveling in Uruguay and Argentina, it feels good to think that we’ll be HOME in Boquete in just a few days! See you soon, amiga 🙂

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