We love sweet Boquete town, especially at Christmastime. Under the current mayor, Boquete citizens have really spruced things up, and their pride is evident everywhere. We haven’t even been here two years, and we’ve noticed a big difference  – from the shiny new garbage trucks to the dazzling Christmas display in Boquete’s main plaza that grows more elaborate every year.

A few nights ago, John and I took a stroll through the plaza to take in the scene. The decorations were great, but even more enjoyable were the scores of local citizens out enjoying the lovely cool evening and sharing some Christmas cheer. It took me back to a simpler time, the Christmas parades of my childhood in a small West Texas town.

May you all have Un Feliz Navidad, Un Prospero y Feliz Año Nuevo, y Muchas Viajes (Many Travels)!


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