We’d always heard good things about diving in Cartagena. Since we had a trip planned there over the holidays, we decided to give it a go. This was our third dive trip of the year so we were both hoping for good visibility.

We chose the Cartagena dive outfitter Diving Planet because of its great reviews. Also, they only make dive trips to the Rosario Islands, which are very protected and tend to enjoy good conditions throughout the year. We had a great experience with Diving Planet; check them out here. As a bonus, it turns out that Diving Planet donates a portion of its revenues to helping disabled divers – including amputees – enjoy the underwater world.

It was a long but rewarding day. We started at 8 a.m. at the dive shop, located in the heart of the walled historic quarter of Cartagena. The shop’s van took us to the marina, 10 minutes away. From there, we rode a bumpy water taxi to the Hotel Majagua on Isla Grande (note to self: this would be a great place to spend a couple of chill nights!)  where Diving Planet has its base of operations in the islands. By 10 am we were all in the dive boat and headed out on the short 15-minute ride to the first dive spot. One back flip into the warm waters later (no wetsuit needed – whoopee!) and we were off on our first dive to 45 feet. Sweet!

Great visibility? Check. Live and healthy coral? Check. Abundant marine life and lots of brilliant fish? Check. And the second dive had the advantage of giving us some practice with drift diving, as we encountered a strong current. All in all, a great day!

Next dive trip: the Abacos, Hopetown, Bahamas.

Checking the gear
Full boat
Easy stuff?
45 feet
Trying out new Nikon underwater camera

Tubular coral

Very good equipment.
Off to the next dive spot



    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      There’s always next time, chica 🙂

  1. I’m a bit ashamed to admit this, but as a person who lives in Indonesia — home to places that have some of the highest marine biodiversity on the planet — I have never tried diving, nor have I learned to do it! Snorkeling is the furthest I went. Oh well, your post reminds me to plan to take a diving certification. Anyway, sounds like had an amazing time underwater in Cartagena!

  2. How wonderful! I have heard good things about Colombia as well. I thought the water would be cold until I saw your pictures!

  3. I’ve been living in Cartagena since 2019 and I have yet to go diving. I definitely have to give it a shot. Great photos, and thanks for writing!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Glad you liked the post! Cartagena is one of our favorite places in Colombia. Best wishes!

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