Isaac Casal
Dr. Isaac Casal, a highly accomplished musician and passionate performer.

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed another outstanding musical program led by Dr. Isaac Casal, a renowned Panamanian cellist.  Last year, Isaac brought Ensemblast, a professional chamber ensemble, to the Boquete Library for a wonderful performance dominated by the music of Argentine tango composer Astor Piazolla. Naturally, when we heard he was coming back this year, we scooped up a couple of $10 tickets (such a deal!).

This time, Isaac brought the First Cello Ensemble of the University of Panamá​​, a group of eight of his students ranging in age from 18 to 42. In a recent news article, Isaac stated that the ensemble was founded in 2017 with the desire to “create a new space for young cello students to explore and experience this instrument and its music. For their first-ever performance outside of Panama City, these young people played with passion and artistry far beyond their years

The Ensemble performed an eclectic program ranging from the Piazolla tune “Libertango” (thanks, Isaac!), Strauss’s “Pizzicato Polka,” and the familiar “Polovetsian Dances” by Aleksandr Borodin, to the Broadway standards “New York New York” and “If I Were a Rich Man.” They rounded things out on a lighter note, with the overture from “The Simpsons” and a particularly rocking version of the Lady Gaga hit “Bad Romance.”

Thank you, Isaac and students, for another great evening of music!

Credit where credit’s due:
All of these photos are by our good friend and photographer extraordinaire, Larry Wilkinson. Take a look at his website for more of his beautiful work.

Evening of Music, First Ensemble of Cellos of the University of Panamá, photo 3
Isaac lead the group in a rousing and eclectic program.
Music by First Ensemble of Cellos of the University of Panamá
An enthusiastic young cellist
More Music by First Ensemble of Cellos of the University of Panamá
Following the cues of the maestro
Still More Music by First Ensemble of Cellos of the University of Panamá
The students enjoyed a standing ovation.





  1. Bravo! There’s something about the sound of a cello that’s really evocative, almost human in a way. I’ll bet it was stirring.

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      It was stirring, and inspiring to see these young people play with such passion!

  2. What a treat for you and John and valuable experience for these talented young folks!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Yes, one more thing to love about Boquete!

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