As we look forward to another adventurous year, it’s fun to look back and see which of our posts resonated the most with our readers over the past 12 months. In no particular order, here’s the top-10 list of our most-viewed posts of 2019. (Note that these were most-viewed posts this year, although some of them have pre-2019 publication dates.)

On behalf of the Latitude Adjustment team, we want to say THANK YOU for visiting, reading, and leaving comments. Here’s wishing you all a a healthy, prosperous, and adventure-filled 2020!

Reflections on an Expat Year 

With this post, we got reminded that our readers really like information about the expat experience. What’s it like to pull up roots and leave all that’s familiar. How to cover the basics: getting legal residency, securing a rental, getting healthcare. Tackling language and finding a comfort zone.

Reflections on an Expat Year in Medellín, Colombia

Best of Madrid

Boy, did we love our first visit to Madrid. And, judging from the popularity of this post, readers enjoyed the experience right along with us.

Madrid: A Guide for First-Time Visitors

Peru’s Sacred Valley 

Our readers must really love Peru, because all of our posts from our three-week trip there were super-popular. This one is a good overview of what to see and do in the Sacred Valley area that includes Cusco, Machu Picchu, and many other must-see locales in the stunning Peruvian Andes.

Peru Explorations: Cusco and the Sacred Valley

How to Expat

This was another popular post on the theme of what it takes to live the expat life in a faraway country.

How to Expat: What the glossy magazines don’t tell you

Spooky Times in Buenos Aires

Our readers know how much we like cemeteries, and La Recoleta in Buenas Aires is world-class. We brought this post back just in time for Halloween this year.

Ghost Stories at La Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Part One of the Inca Trail

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu remains one of the biggest highlights of our travel life. Here’s part one.

Peru’s Inca Trail: In the Footsteps of Royalty

Part Two of the Inca Trail 

In which we arrive on foot to Machu Picchu, and it’s every bit as awe-inspiring as we always imagined.

The Machu Picchu Experience

Discovering Jardin, a Colombian gem

Visiting pretty Jardin was one of our first ventures outside Medellin to explore Colombia’s Pueblos Patrimonios (designated Heritage Towns).

The Magic of Jardín, Colombia

The City of Lights

Our trip to Paris still seems like a dream. It was everything I’d always imagined it to be, and the perfect place to spend a “BIG” birthday!

Four Days in Paris

Versailles – So much more than the Palace

We loved spending a couple of days in Versailles, the quintessential French village.

Five Things We Love About Versailles





    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thank you so much for reading! Happy New Year 🙂

  1. Thanks, John and Susan, for sharing your adventures throughout 2019. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year 2020!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Same to you, Natalie! Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. A handsome and inspiring collection of posts from all around the world. Thank you, John and Susan, and Happy New Year to you!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thanks so much, Jet, and Happy New Year back ‘atcha 🙂

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Same to you and Duncan! All the best for a spectacular 2020 🙂

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      And THANK YOU for reading! The best of the new year to you both 🙂

  3. Great wrap-up to an amazing travel adventure. My favorite is still your post about the cemeteries of BA. Spooky, fascinating, and oddly soothing. Can’t explain it. Looking forward to your next exploration. Happy 2020!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      We’re with you on cemeteries. We love them – so many stories, and so interesting to explore. Have you seen San Pedro yet? It’s pretty amazing. Happy 2020 back to you both 🙂

  4. Gwen Manning Reply

    I love reading your adventures and advice. It helps me decide if I would like to travel to some of these places. Many, More have also visited, and it is fun to compare experiences. Keep them coming and I hope we can meet up fir coffee one day as we both live in Medellin now
    All the best in the New Year. Keep those blogs coming

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thanks for reading, Gwen! Happy New Year 🙂

  5. This is a great idea! You have some awesome adventures in here and it reminds me to re-read your Machu Picchu posts….really, really want to go there!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Ah, thanks so much! There’s so much to see in Peru. Hope you can make it there someday!

  6. Wow…you had a great year, so many fantastic adventures and blog posts. Your writing is very interesting and informative, I have enjoyed following along during 2019 and I wish you lots more great adventures for 2020.

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thank you so much, Gilda! Same back to you, and we’re so glad we’re so connected in the blogosphere!

  7. WOW, that is quite a year! It is so fun to look back over a year and remember all the fun times. You went to some amazing places and did some awesome things. Not many people will ever be able to do things like the Inca trail. Keep trecking!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thanks so much, Bonnie! It was a very good year, to quote Frank Sinatra 🙂 And you two, my goodness. Antarctica – the Philippines – Australia – wow. We are loving following your adventures. Here’s to an even more amazing 2020!

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thanks for reading – they WERE great adventures 🙂

  8. It’s fun to read about the fun locations you’ve visited. Belated happy new year wishes.

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thank you!! And happy 2020 to you as well.

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thanks, and same back to you 🙂

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Aww – likewise. Enjoy PV – our old stomping ground! Hugs.

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      Thanks, amiga! Same back to ya. I think this year has exciting things in store for you 🙂

    • John and Susan Pazera Reply

      You are so welcome – thanks for visiting!

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