Note: This is an update of our original post following our first visit to Curaçao in 2019. In February 2023, we made a return trip and had some awesome new experiences on this fantastic, technicolor island. There are ghosts on Curaçao. There are the original inhabitants, the Arawaks and Caquetios who were so totally obliterated by arriving Europeans that there’s barely a trace of them today. There are the colonial Dutch who struggled to make a profitable living on this scrubby desert island, until the slave trade kicked in. And then there are the enslaved themselves, who suffered unimaginably – whether they were bound for servitude on other islands or were kept to work the plantations and salt flats of Curaçao. You see those ghosts reflected in the faces of the resilient, good-humored, generous, and easy-going local people, who have created one of the world’s most unique island cultures. The people…

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