Exactly two years ago, we launched our blog with only a month and a half to go before moving ourselves and our fur kids lock, stock, and barrel to Panama. In preparing for this post, I looked back over some of our earliest entries — and got to relive the excitement, uncertainty, and anticipation all over again as we sold our house and belongings in Long Beach, Calif. and figured out the details of getting our dogs here safe and sound. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, but the move has exceeded all of our expectations. We’ve made wonderful friends and found a comfortable home in Boquete, Panama. And already we’ve had more adventures – both locally and through our travels to South America, Cuba, and Costa Rica – than we ever could have imagined. Now it’s time for this blog to grow up a bit. Over the last year, as we’ve done…

This blog is having an existential crisis. Here it is, June 12 (holy cow!) and I haven’t posted anything since April 30. (Well, technically it was May 1 but some Wordpress glitch or other dated it April 30). So much for my resolve to post at least four times every month. With our lives moving faster than the speed of sound, there simply hasn’t been much time for blogging. But that’s just a convenient excuse. The bigger reason is that John and I both are feeling a bit overexposed, digitally speaking. We spend much too much time online as it is, and if we’re going to share any aspect of our lives with the world we want it to mean something. For this very reason, I’ve decided to close my Facebook account (separate blog post coming about that). And now that we’ve passed a year in Panama, we believe we’ve said…

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