Caribbean Panama


Like all travelers, we have a bucket list – hike the Camino de Compostela de Santiago in Spain, backpack through Southeast Asia, eat and drink our way through Italy, visit every country in South America, and set foot on every continent on the planet. And that’s just a start! But after six months in Panama, we’re beginning to realize we’ve just scratched the surface of everything to see in this amazing country. Now we can tick off one more item on our Panama bucket list: Bocas del Toro. Bocas is an island archipelago on the Carribbean (northern) coast of Panama. It’s a three-hour drive from Boquete through an incredibly scenic mountain range (think Switzerland, only tropical), but culturally it’s a world apart. Everything about Bocas reflects this: the breezy architecture, the Afro-Caribbean heritage of so many of the people, and the brilliant splashes of color everywhere you look. Although Spanish is of course the dominant language, many…

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