All over the world, “topping out” or finishing the roof on a new building is a cause for celebration – and Panama is no exception. Here, the folks have put their unique spin on things with a party called a mondongada. It’s a “thank you” to the workers that’s centered around a type of tripe stew called mondongo (Texas peeps, think menudo without the chili peppers). Our good friends Holly and Scott Carter are building a beautiful house on a mountainside overlooking Boquete, and – lucky us – they invited us to their mondongada last weekend. This is a country where the people love tripe so much they’ve created a party around it, and what a party it was! The focus was on the 10 or so construction workers that are making Holly and Scott’s dream a reality, and they had the time of their lives. The cerveza flowed, the music blared, and we danced…

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