Panama Circus


And now for something completely different! The Do Portugal Circus came up to our little mountain town for a week-long engagement, and we saw one of the finale performances yesterday. A dashing ringmaster! Dancing girls! Upside-down juggling! Funny clowns! Motorcycle daredevils! This delightful production had everything but animals, which suited us just fine. And all for the break-the-bank price of $6 a ticket. We treated our housekeeper Yani and her family, and fun was had by all. Yani’s husband Franklin (if I understood his Spanish correctly) told us that circuses come and go all the time in David but this is the the first time in 40 years that one has come up to Boquete. The production took off with a bang, when one of the biggest storms we’ve had this season hit just as things were getting started. It wasn’t long before rain was dripping through the high-ceiling center of…

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