Renting in Boquete


When we came to Panama, it was always with the intention of renting, rather than buying, a home. As homeowners for many years, we were looking forward to the freedom and flexibility of renting. Many times over the past months we’ve said to friends, “We want to travel and we don’t want to be tied down. And there’s maintenance. And what if we decide after a year or two that we want to live somewhere else?” Here’s the catch: almost all of the other newcomers we know feel the same way — and there are a LOT of newcomers here, with more and more coming every day. And according to several realtors we’ve spoken to, apparently the rumors about a large religious group (up to 200 families) coming to Boquete are true. One agent told us that she had met a gentleman, a housing locator, who is going around securing rentals for these families. Just WHERE exactly…

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