Three months ago today, we arrived in Boquete and began our new lives as Panamanian expats – and we’ve never looked back. These have been the most rewarding, interesting, and stimulating months of our lives, and that includes our three years of sailing travel. Already, we have made friendships and memories that we will always treasure. Our three-month milestone seems like a good time to stop and reflect. We’re feeling philosophical because things have been a little rocky for the community lately. In addition to the untimely deaths of three beloved citizens, there have been some break-ins and robberies that have made everyone take a closer look at security issues. At the moment, many Boqueteñas (including locals) are grieving and a bit on edge. OK, time for some perspective. A few months before we moved here, there was a home invasion two blocks from our house in Long Beach, Calif., in a very safe neighborhood.…

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